If you are thinking about purchasing a Porsche 356 there are a few items you need to consider before you make any serious buying decisions. How do you plan on paying for this highly sought after vehicle? This is a critical question since these vehicles are not inexpensive you will either have to come up with the cash on your own or finance it. There are lenders who specialize in financing the purchase of these high-end vehicles but you need to compare the rates and terms being offered by each of them before you can decide who is going to provide you with a competitive offer. After you have reviewed the terms being proposed by the various lenders you will need to get insurance for this high-end vehicle so be prepared to pay considerably more than what you are paying for your “daily driver”.

After addressing the insurance and financing of the purchase you will need to have the vehicle properly serviced at regular intervals. This type of servicing cannot be performed by just any mechanic, you need to make sure the one you do select is experienced with these vehicles and know the proper way to service them otherwise you will end up regretting it.

Only when you have covered all of these steps can you begin looking for the various Porsches that are being sold. When you come across the one you feel is suitable you should go for a test drive with the owner to make sure it drives just as good as it looks. If you are satisfied that the car drives well then you can finally discuss a price, when you reach a price be sure to pay with a certified check so there is a paper trail documenting the transaction. Only by following these steps can you hope to find the Porsche you want at a price you can afford.